For the start of the Doomsayers’ Alley storyline, read No. 24 “Hethra Delayed.” For background on the Doomsayers, read No. 5 “Black Hole Sun” and No. 13 “Long Dark Layover.”

There’s a subtle shift in the artwork for this week’s episode. It might be imperceptible, but it was a revelation to me. Basically, I’ve been spending less time on pencils and improvising more with the inks, using a brush pen as my primary tool instead of the technical pens I usually rely on (although I still use them for fine details and straight line work). The result is a more fluid line quality that I find much more satisfying, and I hope you do, too!

Luuc’s about to get into an intellectual battle royale with this particular cult of Doomsayers. Brace yourselves.