I just started reading Habibi by Craig Thompson, and I’m looking forward to bringing you a review both here and on The Panelists podcast. In the meantime, here are a few gems I gleaned from the webcomics world this week.

First off, I’m enraptured as always by the work of Supermassive Black Hole A*, another comic set in the strange environs of the center of our galaxy. Every new panel is as dark and immersive as the last, but this one in particular was striking.

Over at Whomp!, Ronnie delves into game development. The play on narcissism in this one really tickled me. Whomp! continues to indulge and subvert webcomic conventions to hilarious effect.

Finally, there’s Next Town Over, a graphic novel I hadn’t discovered until this week. This tale weaves Western, fantasy and steampunk motifs quite seamlessly, and it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful to boot. Do yourself a favor and catch up in the archives.

The conclusion of the Doomsayers’ Alley storyline is only two episodes away. Thanks for reading The Big Crunch. Have a great weekend.