[[Thanovan Policy Enforcement Dispatch // ALERT: code{3A}; print {

Please be advised of an undocumented human Doomsayer who escaped from Enforcement custody at 24:31 yesterday evening.

St. Yymlyth Hospital for the Metapsychotic has confirmed the identity of Patient 667SB, whom they are now reporting has been missing for the last 6 fiscal periods. Subject was apprehended several weeks ago during a mass arrest in Region 4, Sector 18 during the Neon Tax Riots and charged with violation of the Peaceful Markets Act. This photo was taken during interrogation:


Subject is now believed to be the leader of a Void-based cult with roughly 597 followers. He self-identifies with the symbol , which his adherents refer to as the Mark of the Void.

Surveillance has confirmed that occasionally hijacks the Anthrodex profile of human Stephen Bobbett to communicate with Earth. Please monitor this feed until subject is returned to Enforcement custody.

} // ALERT]]