Last night, I was writing a history of Thanova (using that private wiki I’ve talked about before), and as I was hurling words into the sarlacc’s maw, I came to a realization: The Big Crunch has totally outgrown its format.

When I started making The Big Crunch, my intention was to create a framework for a consistent gag strip. Within the first year-and-a-half, though, I’ve discovered this world enraptures me in a way a gag strip just can’t portray (not to mention I’m not really a joke-teller at heart). The Big Crunch is meant to be a graphic novel, with each chapter exploring a new facet of the city and revealing the sordid histories of its inhabitants. I want both a canvas and a schedule that’ll allow me to illustrate Thanova with the grit and complexity it deserves.

So, the plan is this: I’m going to do a special one-page print episode for Free Comic Book Day, which I’ll be handing out at the Simply Green Biofuels booth in Rochester, NH and publishing here. After that, I’m going to take some time to write the histories of Thanova and the cast, refine the character designs, map the world. I’ll share that process with you, either on this blog or my Twitter and Tumblr pages. And once I feel like the stage is set, I’m going to relaunch the website and publish The Big Crunch in 24-page chapters, standard comic book size, available online as pages are produced, and in print as chapters are finished.


Now, to abate the fears of anyone who’s read and enjoyed the comic so far: it’ll be the same cast, and the 52 episodes you’ve already read aren’t going anywhere. Consider them, shall we say, pre-canonical rough drafts? In the meantime, thanks for going on this journey with me. You’ll be glad to know, it’s only just begun.