1. Apocalypse Whenever
  2. Fleur Pas
  3. Calcium Carbonate Tower
  4. Antennae of the Beholder
  5. Black Hole Sun
  6. Musicae ad Nauseum
  7. Delicious on Arrival
  8. Single and Loving It

The Statusphere

Sir Pleüd Hessleraum, Thanova’s astronomer laureate, encounters Blastich the Doomsayer for the first time.

  1. The Statusphere, Part I
  2. The Statusphere, Part II
  3. The Statusphere, Part III


  1. Bad Gastronomy
  2. Long Dark Layover
  3. Lost in Transmutation

Wind Beneath My Wingman

Frelzo attempts to wingman for Querek at the Evac, one of Thanova’s hottest gamma strata nightclubs.

  1. Wind Beneath My Wingman, Part I
  2. Wind Beneath My Wingman, Part II
  3. Welcome to the Evac
  4. Echoes and Narcissists
  5. Wind Beneath My Wingman, Part III
  6. Wind Beneath My Wingman, Part IV
  7. Wind Beneath My Wingman, Part V
  8. Wind Beneath My Wingman, Part VI


  1. If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Doomsayers’ Alley

Mayor Ghoft issues a new ordinance, relegating Doomsayers to the poor residential sectors in Thanova. Blastich collides with law enforcement, while Luuc confronts hostile zealots on his way to work.

  1. Hethra Delayed
  2. The Peaceful Markets Act
  3. Sound Barrier
  4. Doomsayers’ Alley
  5. Pardon the Expression
  6. The Gauntlet
  7. Idle Hands
  8. Seed of Heaven
  9. Death for Sins
  10. The Confession of Blastich
  11. Hypocriside
  12. Heartless
  13. Rerouted

The Anthrodex

Zaela Yaerd explores the new features of the galaxy’s omnipresent online social network.

  1. The Anthrodex, Part I
  2. The Anthrodex, Part II
  3. The Anthrodex, Part III
  4. The Anthrodex, Part IV
  5. The Anthrodex, Part V
  6. The Anthrodex, Part VI
  7. The Anthrodex, Part VII


  1. Trickle Down
  2. Bellyache
  3. Unleaded, Uncensored
  4. Opinionated


A serpentine charlatan named Wexward Walvarian hawks a line of mysterious, bioluminescent remedies in Thanova’s degenerate Ursnalt Square. Blastich volunteers to demonstrate his dubious products.

  1. Photonicals, Part I
  2. Photonicals, Part II
  3. Photonicals, Part III


  1. Salutatorian