Greetings, Earthling. I’m Stephen Bobbett, creator of The Big Crunch. I hope you’re enjoying the comic, and I can’t thank you enough for reading it, commenting on it and sharing it with your friends. There are so many things on the Internet vying for your attention, and the fact that you’ve chosen, even momentarily, to indulge my comics instead of, say, videos of cats getting kicked in the groin or whatever…well, it’s a supreme compliment in itself.

The Big Crunch is a labor of love, one that I want to remain free to read as long as the ubiquitous glow of the Internet warms the homes and offices of humanity. But, creating the comic takes a lot of time and a little bit of money, too. So, would you consider making a donation by clicking the Paypal button above?

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Why Donate?

The beauty of the Internet is in the democracy of its content. Great content rises to prominence not because a publisher advertises it or a celebrity endorses it, but because you — the user, with all your wonderful, idiosyncratic tastes — vote for it, both by sharing it with other users and by financially supporting it. By donating money to projects you love, you cast your vote for more content like it.

Your donation to The Big Crunch will help pay for the web hosting, art supplies and the software and hardware required to make the comic available and as beautiful and immersive as it can be. It also helps pay a small wage that allows me to spend more time in studio, which means more episodes per month. And in the future, I’m hoping to provide you with even more incentives to donate, with free desktop wallpapers illustrating the world of Thanova — just a little more free stuff to add to the growing archives of free comics!

So if you can, please make a donation to The Big Crunch, and thank you for supporting a lifelong dream of mine to make comics. And if you can’t donate — don’t sweat it! Your readership alone is a treasure I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thank you, friend. Keep your wits sharp, and your pencils sharper.

— Stephen